Death of a Party Girl

by TV Girl

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"Her hair was unkempt, frazzled, as though she'd been trying to tear it out by the roots, and her face seemed shapeless, blank. But maybe it was the distance or the strange light, because as she came towards me, moving coldly, disdainfully, yet dreamily, not as a body but as shifting shimmering light, she seemed to grow in stature and her years dropped away. She walked like a good politician, simulating dignity, self-assurance, humility. Already practicing probably for the last walk to follow."

-The Public Burning


released May 8, 2018

All the song were produced by Brad Petering.

And were mixed and mastered by Jason Wyman.

The song "Cynical One" is based around a sample of "Song to the Magic Frog" by the band Sagittarius. Written by the late great Curt Boettcher and Michelle O'Malley. Thanks to Irwin Chusid of Railroad Town Music for helping and being kind.

The Song "Drift Down" incorporates elements of a song of the same name by a group called "Snow Mantled Love" A great band that never got their fair due.

The song "Death of a Party Girl" uses a sample of the song "New Tomorrow" by the Legendary Pink Dots. Used here with the generous permission of lead dot Edward Ka-Spel.

Additional vocals were provided by Molly Raney, who performs as "Poppet" and is worth checking out. (

Even more additional vocals were provided by Lydia Fothergill.


all rights reserved



TV Girl Los Angeles, California


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Track Name: Pretty Boys
If it were up to me I’d turn you into a stone and turn the lights down low for effect and i’d steal your cigarettes and i’d be softer than i am through cigarette smoke and if anybody sees ill say i did it as a joke so but how about his loneliness he gets it from his mom 100 dollars for his haircut but a smile from god and when he touches you you’ll wonder how he keeps his hands so soft he got some money from his grandma guess he’ll never have a job

Oh pretty boy
Don’t speak
You pretty boys
Are only good for one thing

But anyways that isn’t even what i meant to say i meant to sing a song to you to make you fall asleep so you wouldn’t have to talk to you and you wouldn’t talk to me but i could lay on top of you and soak in all your heat don’t let them catch you crying boy if it didn’t really hurt she took a drink to jog her memory but it didn’t really work she meant to sing a song but couldn’t memorize the words she only knew the chorus she had to mumble through the verse

Oh pretty boy
Don’t think
You pretty boys
Are only good for one thing
Track Name: 7 Days til Sunday
She said come over there’s nobody home
I went over there was nobody home
But her light was on
Her light was on
And i’m not as drunk as i seem
Still I stood out there in the street
Throwing stones at her window
Like i saw somebody do on TV

7 days til sunday

She said come over there’s nobody home
She said I know that’s what i told you before
But here in New York you don’t need excuses to dress like a girl
Sex drugs and deceit
I guess she’s not as frail as she seems
I pushed as hard as i could
But she said that’s ok because that’s the way that i like it

7 days til sunday

She said come over cuz everyone’s here
And i’m glad she had to make that clear
Smoking cigs on her roof
Laughing at the people on the train cuz they’re not like us
But I lost the drugs and I stayed too long
I got drunk and made fun of her band
But thank god it was sunday and there’s more than just one way
To ruin a one night stand

7 days til sunday
Track Name: Blue Hair
She asked me how to be funny
But that’s not something you can teach
What seemed so blue in the sunlight
By the night was a pale green

And I tried to hold her
But it didn’t really last long
And she’s getting older
I guess she’s gotta cut her blue hair off

She asked me if she was pretty
Well it’s clear that the girl’s a fraud
There’s really no way of winning
If in their eyes you’ll always be a dumb blonde

And she cried over nothing
So there was nothing I could do to stop
Her from cutting
Her beautiful blue hair off

It looked like cotton candy
And just as quick to get licked away
Last I heard she was living
With a boy who acts his age

And I guess I’ll just miss her
Even though she isn’t even really gone
But things are just different
Ever since she cut her blue hair off
Track Name: Lonely Girls
From the moment that he looked at you and walked your way
Until the second when you knew there’d be no second date
Maybe your heart felt fine it was your head that ached
But still you kissed him in the sprinklers but it felt like rain

But So what
I guess you’ll always be some lonely girl
And if you fall in love
You’ll still be living in this lonely world

And from the moment when he said something and made you laugh
Until he was kind enough to let you know that it wouldn’t last
But still you laid there in his arms after you’d swore you’d leave
Hair blowing from the ceiling fan but it felt like a breeze
Track Name: Drift Down
Face it kid
She never really did
And everything you said
Fell like spit into her drink

And while you were sleeping
She was lying there awake
Just wondering how long it would take
Till she could get back to her place
And find some other cloud
To drift on

Face it babe
Boys were made to fly away
No matter what they say
They’ll lie right to your face

And while they were flying
You were standing on a chair
Just wondering how you could get up there
And bed an angel in mid air
Then drag it to the ground
And drift on
And drift down
Track Name: Cynical One
I like looking at your eyes
Playing piano and staring out your window
In the middle of the night
From your house on the hill
I was hoping that you wouldn’t forget me
But I know you will

So don’t go around saying
There’s no such thing as love
You can’t go trading me places
Don’t forget that I am the cynical one

Wine and roses are fine
But I like the harder stuff
And I can still remember
When too much was never enough
Track Name: King of Echo Park
As the sun sets on sunset
It reflects against a can wet with condensation
His baby left
She’s going back to school again
And learning fifty ways to kill the conversation
Cuz if you can’t be good
You drink in the name of art
And as the sun sets on sunset again
The stars come out so it don’t get dark
On the king of echo park

Now she’s playing pool
At the little joy
Just a little drunk
She sees her little boy
And as they smoked outside
She wondered how long she’d have to wait
Until it wouldn’t be too soon
To take him back to her place
Cuz if you can’t go home
With the one you love you go home with someone
And it’s never too soon and it’s never too late
Cuz when you’re royalty babe
You never have to work
And he’s the king of echo park

Now he’s walking home
In the very same clothes
As the night before
Except you'd never know
And all the girls he’s bagged
They just can’t stay mad
They just wave their hands at no ordinary jerk

But who’s afraid of a little cliche
As he sipped ice tea in the palm tree shade
And as he looked around and everything was right
But as he closed his eyes he dreamt he was in New York
The King of Echo Park
Track Name: Legendary Lovers
Baby baby when you make your escape
Make sure that you do it at the right time of day
In the middle of the night a moment of grace
As she hits every green light from here to LA

Your friends blew your cover
As sluts turn to mothers
And the legendary lovers get sick of one another
As dreams turn to day dreams
And punks learn to behave
But don’t worry about me babe
I’ll never change

How many platitudes can you say
In the time that it takes for beauty to fade
Sedentary fireworks going bad
Like pouring out a bottle of gin on a drowning man

Shiny new fighter jets getting strafed on the deck
For every insolent b boy who tripped and landed on his neck
Untameable stallions that got turned into glue
But don’t worry about me babe
Cuz i worry about you
Yes i do
Track Name: Stupid Actress
I dreamt that I screwed every stupid actress in LA
I dreamt that I was holding them and told them it'd be ok
It's not easy being famous anyways
So famous people say
Cuz everyone that you meet just wants to screw ya
And you can't complain

And it's a shame she'd be a queen back in Rhode Island
Now she waits in line with the other sad cliches
And Besides she's really not so sexy and wild
That was just the part she had to play

I dreamt that I saved every stupid actress in LA
And every aging waitress who gave it up
And had to change back her name
They floated out of every coke fueled party
Every over priced cafe
But that was just some dream I had
And when I woke up nothing changed

Even though she don't have grace like Greta Garbo
Even though she don't have eyes like Clara Bow
That leather glove could pluck you from the huddled mass tomorrow
And toss you through a gilded puff of smoke

I dreamt that I was every stupid actress in LA
I dreamt it that you meant it when you said that
You would come and see my play
You sat there and you watched me
And you thought it was pretty good for a pretty face
And wondered if I had to sell
Would it get bought or just thrown away

The statue of infamy it gazes down inside us
From its perch up there in the Hollywood Hills
Give me your crazy and your desperate and your beautiful but inspired
I'll give them glamor give them thrills

And to me there's nothing sad about a dream
She screamed as she swan dove from a pearly white H
Those nobodies back home they only dream while they're asleep
Not you and me babe we keep ours through the day
Track Name: Death of a Party Girl
She was sexy she was sweet
Running barefoot in the street
Sipping wine out of a flask
Drinking vodka by the glass
Yeah she used to knock em back
As fast as they would line them up

Still sexy but she's sad
And the headaches coming on
Only dancing out of habit
She doesn't recognize the song
How can the nights be getting long
When time feels like it's speeding up

She used to crush the pill right between her fingers
It used to kill the feeling but now the feeling lingers
And she did the drugs for fun
But now she does them just to stay up

Incognito at the bar
She could tell he was a star
by the way he wore his baseball cap
Slung low across his eyes
While beauties live and die
These playboys stay forever young

Which handsome stylish rake
Puts his hands around her waist
As she stumbles up the stairs
In a state of perfect grace
They would hold her just to hold her
But now it's cuz she can't stand up

Running for the pleasure
Wearing down the flesh
And she has to go to sleep now
When she used to go to bed
Eyes closed because she felt it
But now it's cuz she can't wake up

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