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The Night in Question: French Exit Outtakes

by TV Girl

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I'll beg for mercy if you let me It shouldn't take too long You've got a lot of cases to get through I'll try to keep it moving along And I know that the dice are loaded If I were you then I'd be on your side Dreaming up all the accusations I won't deny And I know that you got your reasons Though you try so hard to conceal em Well whatever they are I hope that they're better than mine Don't try to change their opinion Once they've got the taste for blood I like the way you point your finger I like the way you drag my name through the mud Every alibi a fabrication Every sigh an admission of guilt Every apology an invitation to a life of crime Where were you on the night in question Make an example send them a message You already signed the confession on the dotted line
Valerie 04:42
She walked into the room Like people tend to do when they show up She was only twenty-two And sick of people telling her to grow up It just gets worse the more you wait And you could easily find a date if you only wanted to You're such a pretty girl From your lavender hair down to your combat boots She tried hard to get that feeling That comes easy to you and I Still she thought it might be funny To do one selfless deed before she died Valerie She doesn't know how to be like every other girl She's alone in her little world And you can't come in Valerie Standing on the balcony And if you look you could see into her mind But you can't come in And if you never knew nobody Then how'd you ever know that you were lonely She'd known someone who had And if that's the case then what's the point in knowing She stood there in the open For everyone to see Too proud to ask for anybody's help She had this revelation The sheer amount of work that it would take To be like everybody else But she didn't want them anyways She's no damsel in distress She just sipped her daiquiri And wished she wasn't easily convinced But who were you fooling anyways You should have guessed You should have known It doesn't matter what they say Some people like to be alone
Here's another ending Static on a page Foregone conclusions Just the faces aren't the same Back in the apartment She isn't what she seems Words got blurted out And fell like spit into my drink But if that's how it's got to go down Then I'm gonna stay til you kick me out And I know what feels good and what's not allowed And there's plenty of heartache to go around The part that's so confusing It could happen like you say it should Right down to the phrasing Still it wouldn't do you any good Back in the apartment Dressed up like a stage Unfamiliar actors saying lines to a different play And if she didn't want me then Why'd she climb into my bed And I know some things you sing You'd never say out loud And there's plenty of heartache to go around
Everyone looks the same in this town You can hardly tell the difference She stayed at home and figured out how How to will herself out of existence She gave it a try She closed her eyes She didn't know how it'd feel She just hoped that it wouldn't hurt It almost worked They lie right to your face in this town But what did you expect She wishes that she could have seen what they saw That left them so unimpressed So she gave it a try She started to cry She said to herself "Well at least it could have been worse" And it almost worked
I remember when I saw her Her skin was soft like water I remember when I met her She was lighter than a feather And I remember when I kissed her She was living with her sister Not a single word was spoke I guess she did it as a joke I remember when she left me The street was clean and empty I remember when she called me And whispered to me softly I remember she was laughing She never seemed so happy But it could have been for show I guess you never really know
Don't go sleeping with the enemy I know we said we'd be true I know you're stranded in the forrest if you don't Abandoned if you do So don't go sleeping with the enemy If my imagination is getting ahead of me Then let it be known that I can't make it alone So get down and stay perfectly still Bite down on your cyanide pill There's things that you swore you'd never do But you will with the enemy Don't go sleeping with the enemy Then everybody gets to be a hero Can ya hear me, are you alive Do you know that there's a war Don't go sleeping with the enemy Don't forget that we were comrades till the end They only wanna make love but this is war And the good guys always win So don't kick while we're dragging you home Quietly reciting your loyalty oath Knife at your throat Uncomfortably close to the enemy.
Why don't you go home Everyone can tell you're in pain All the make up you own Couldn't hide that your eyes are enflamed You strategically waited till the end of the night When decisions are made and the timing's right All this time that you wasted While you're out here stalling Your friends are calling your name She kept checking her phone The explicit text never came Why don't you leave her alone You know that the girl is insane In this crowded kitchen you feel alone Just wait til you see how it feels when you get home Maybe you thought it'd be different Once your defenses had fallen But your friends are calling your name And I saw how your eyes lit up And you drank too fast And you smoked too much And now you're slurring your words Like you were seventeen and ashamed And wondering why you came Your friends are calling your name
I should have known By the way that you say nothing much at all I should have guessed by the messages you send But never call But most of all I could have seen it in the colors of your hair They don't appear in nature Except to warn you of the danger And I know that you don't care But I want you to stay Stay the hell away from me I could have guessed If I'd liked you a little less I probably could have recognized the signs But I don't mind when your roommate barges in And lists off every single name but mine But that's the way it goes You'll always be the last to know Til someone comes and slaps you on the face But it's okay if you're at a loss for words Cuz I know exactly what I'd say And despite all the silence I heard about it anyways Was it me or with Mike Who stayed for the night But only Joe made it through to the day And that was the summer That's just life in LA You're either screening your calls Or begging for someone to stay


A previously unheard collection of songs that were considered and abandoned during the recording of "French Exit"

Lightly mastered but mostly presented to you here in their unfinished "demo-esque" state.


released May 1, 2020

Songs by Brad Petering
Mastered by Jason Wyman


all rights reserved



TV Girl Los Angeles, California

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